Artwork Design or Clean-Up Service
  • Part #: PN-110-185

Artwork Design or Clean-Up Service

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If required, we can create an artwork for your badges:

Final product quality greatly depends on the artwork quality you are submitting. Bitmap artwork ideally needs to be 600dpi, at an actual size of print (600 x 600 pixels). 300dpi Image is also acceptable.

Artwork Clean-up Service:
In cases, when the lower than 300dpi resolution image is the only available artwork, or if the artwork has imperfections (scanned images, low quality image, etc.) we may be able to clean it up and even re-draw some elements of the artwork.

It is not possible to re-draw complex, photographic images but we may be able to enhance them to achieve the best final result possible.

Custom Artwork Design Service:

If required we can create an artwork for your badges. If you would like to have only custom text, and optional color background choices for your badge, we have provided an easy custom text case badge choices. This allows you to choose to have one of our generic backgrounds customized with your text free of charge. Please click here to customize your computer case badge now, at no extra charge for customization.

Important Digital artwork Ownership and Copyright information:

Ownership of the final digital artwork using this service belongs to Techiant LLC. Once we have cleaned-up the artwork for use to produce your custom product, you may re-order any of our products with the same artwork at no additional charge unlimited number of times.

We do however offer a digital image copyright release service as an option. For this service you will receive the highest resolution image we have produced in order to make the product without our PROOF watermark.
Until you add this option, physical artwork file (not visual contents if copyrighted) remains our property and will be kept exclusively for your future orders unless you ask us to delete it from our system. They will not be sold to any third party and will not be released into the Public Domain (excluding any promotional samples for which we always ask for permission if copyrighted by the owner).

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