What is Doming?

Doming is a term for making flat labels 3-dimensional by applying a bevel of clear lens (1) onto a printed surface (2). The lens is permanently bonded with the badge, encapsulating the print and protecting it from scratching or wearing. A strong adhesive (3) adheres to the flat or even slightly bowed surfaces to keep the domed badge secured to the surface. Beveled lens is approximately 1/16" (1.5mm) thick. Finished domed badges (4) are self-adhesive and ready to be peeled off of the backing sheet (5) and applied directly to the equipment casing.

Domed badge adds a level of professionalism to any type of equipment that in the past only large manufacturers could cost-effectively use for branding their equipment. Our industry leading digital processes allow us to produce domed badges in any quantity and at much lower costs than it was possible in the past by conventional means. In addition to affordability, the digital processes makes it possible to produce dazzling quality full color images that exceed conventional print quality.

Virtually any image can be made into a domed badge regardless of the number of colors required with an amazing full color photo quality. All this at no extra or hidden costs. Producing domed badges by conventional means require expensive set-ups, dyes, charges for each color used, and finally thousands of quantities to justify the production. You are no longer restricted to high minimums and can order as few as ten badges or as many as hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands.

Most of our customers have been absolutely amazed by the quality and effectiveness of their custom domed badges.