Tamper Evident Labels Warranty Void if Removed 1.5\" x 0.5\"
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  • Part #: PN-66-205

Tamper Evident Labels Warranty Void if Removed 1.5" x 0.5"

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1.5" x 0.5" our exclusive TrippleGuard™ Tamper Evident Labels protect your equipment warranty BEFORE and AFTER they have been tampered with.

Deter: TrippleGuard™ tamper evident labels have visible faint VOID watermark-like pattern, when viewed under angle, even before they have been tampered with. The watermark clearly indicates the label's self-voiding nature and deter users from tampering with it.

If peeled, the VOID watermark is broken through the label surface, rendering the label unusable to reapply without hiding the evidence of tampering.

Assurance: Our tamper evident labels are optionally imprinted with your company name, making it impossible for users to purchase a generic replacement lookalike label to conceal the evidence of tampering.


Apply Tamper evident labels with VOID pattern over the device case edges, screw openings, and other access point surfaces of your equipment.
If peeled word "VOID" is permanently revealed on the label as a proof of tampering, rendering the equipment warranty void. Tamper evident labels have red print "WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED" and provide a great way to prevent access to the parts of the warranty covered equipment not intended to be serviceable by end users.

Protect expensive components of your equipment and deter warranty tampering, for a few cents per label. Our tamper evident labels are made with an advanced multi-layered specialty metallized polyester.

Tamper evident labels are wound on 1" inner diameter rolls. Prices shown above are for each label. Quantity discounts are available (See "Quantity Discounts" chart above). Discounts are applied automatically within your shopping cart.

Tamper evident labels can be used on computer case, computer processor (CPU), memory / RAM chips, logic boards, circuit boards, medical devices, aircraft components, and many other products. Possibilities are virtually endless.

Key features of our tamper evident labels:
  • TrippleGuard™ labels featuring a faint visible VOID watermark, warning and deterring users from tampering with the protected equipment in advance.
  • Optional imprint of your company name to prevent tamper concealment using substitute generic labels.
  • Metallized Silver self-adhesive multi-layered polyester material with VOID pattern.
  • VOID pattern is revealed on the label permanently if the label is tampered with and removed.
  • It is impossible to reuse the label once the VOID pattern is revealed.
  • Any residue from broken VOID pattern can be easily cleaned off from equipment surface for servicing and application of a new label.

Importance Of Using Tamper Evident Warranty Void Labels

If your systems and devices are covered under warranty there is a real risk of end users tampering with the critical system components not intended to be user-serviceable. Tamper evident labels deter end-users from accessing these critical components of your equipment.
Tamper evident labels also provide an evidence of tampering, thus invalidating the warranty of the protected device, system, or a system component. For just a few cents per label our TrippleGuard™ tamper evident labels provide a valuable protection against expensive warranty repairs due to the equipment misuse by the users.