Artwork Guidelines

If you are not sure about the quality of your artwork, do not worry. Please go ahead and upload it at the time of ordering. We check every artwork file for quality in order to ensure adequate final results and we will let you know if there is a problem with your artwork. As a general rule, please use the best quality artwork that is available to you.

For best results and to minimize any delays with your order, please follow the artwork submission guidelines below:

If you have artwork in vector format available (recommended), it is best to submit your artwork in EPS format.
When submittin artwork in EPS, it would be helpful to:

* Flatten/merge all layers
* Flatten the transparency
* Convert all text to outlines/curves (except for text field to be serializing)
* Provide any fonts that are not converted to outlines/curves with the artwork (you can ZIP the font files together with artwork before attaching to order)
* If saving as EPS in Illustrator, save it as Illustrator 8 EPS compatible for maximum compatibility.

If bitmap is the available artwork form, JPEG or JPG is the most common format. For lossy formats such as JPG use highest quality (a.k.a lowest compression) setting to maintain high image clarity, you can also use TIFF, GIF, PNG, AI, PDF formats. Most other formats are also acceptable. 

For bitmap artwork types (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc.) please use 1200ppi
(Pixels Per Inch) resolution at actual product size, if available. Example: if the product you are ordering is a 1"x1" label or badge, the image size should be 1"x1" at 1200ppi resolution, in pixels dimensions that's a 1200x1200. Alternatively a 600ppi, 300ppi, or lower resolution image can also work, however best results are achieved using up-to 1200ppi images. Higher than 1200ppi is not recommended as there is no quality advantage to be gained, but the artwork will still be accepted and can be uploaded during ordering.

When submitting JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, or any other image types that support compression, or color palette selection, please use the least compression level, widest color palette, or highest quality setting offered by your imaging software when saving. This will help preserve the state of the image closer to its original form and will generally produce the best final results.

When submitting artwork in vector graphics (EPS, AI, etc.) format, all fonts should be converted to paths (please refer to your software documentation).

Colors for all types of artwork are recommended in CMYK model for best color-match, but RGB model is also acceptable (please refer to your software documentation).

When using artwork or image that requires full bleed, please leave at least 1/8" as a safe area to allow for trimming and to protect important parts of the artwork from being excluded from the image or from being too close to the edge.