Equipment Nameplates & Logos


DOMED BADGES - Standard white substrate, full-color print, clear dome
METALLIC DOMED BADGES - Brushed or Chrome effect, Silver or Gold substrate, full-color print, clear dome
CLEAR DOMED BADGES - Transparent substrate (application surface visible through), full-color print, clear dome
COMPUTER CASE BADGES - Typical badge sizes commonly used for computer case, monitor, and keyboard

Equipment tags or nameplates are used for branding or re-branding a system, piece of equipment, or device with a logo, device name, or model name. Our equipment nameplates can be imprinted with your custom image such as your company logo, or trademark, in full color and can be domed for 3D appearance or manufactured as flat labels. Our domed equipment nameplates, as well as flat (undomed) labels, are self-adhesive for easy peel-and-stick application.